There are certain things that will totally jog our memory. Sights, sounds, smells. Nothing does it like music. A great song will take us right back to that moment in time. Nothing brings back good times like thoughts of summer. Here's our Top Five Summer Songs!



1967- The Doors "Light My Fire"

1967-The Summer Of Love. Not that that really meant anything to me since I was only 12. Just that everybody wanted to be Jim Morrison for some reason. And to this day, Ray Manzarek's haunting keyboards sound best on a road trip in the middle of the night.

1965 - The Beach Boys "California Girls"

Even if you grew up in Central Washington, you wanted to learn to surf. And, for guys, you just knew that if some how you could make it to a SoCal beach, you would have 6 blonde bikini clad girl friends instantly. Hey, if the Beach Boys said it was so, it WAS so!

1972 - Alice Cooper "School's Out"

Even though none of us have been in a classroom in decades, we still start to get antsy around the first of June. Back in 1972, School's Out was blasting from every self respecting 8-Track. Heck, I still blast it, only it's on an Ipod!

1972 - Eagles "Take It Easy"

Ah, yes. Living in that old truck on a southwest road trip. Picking up hot local chicks in one town, moving on to the next. It sounded great! Well, we could dream. Check out the perms and other 'dos.

1975 - Linda Ronstadt "Heat Wave"

Martha and The Vandellas had the original hit with this song in 1963 but for me, nothing said summer like the Linda Ronstadt version that came out in 1975 on the album "Prisoner in Disguise". I had a huge crush on her at that time. She's at her best in this video.