File this under the category of "You Had ONE JOB!"

Steve Harvey, the beloved comedian and host of the game show "Family Feud" royally screwed the pooch at last weekend's Miss Universe pageant where he was the master of ceremonies.

During the climactic reveal of the 2015 winner, Harvey made the type of gaffe that would make any of us want to dig a hole and crawl inside. Instead of announcing Miss Colombia as the first runner-up, he told the crowd that she was the winner, much to her shock and the delight of many in the audience.

After the outgoing beauty pageant queen (also from the country of Colombia) put the sash and tiara on her, Harvey interrupted with his shocking admission, broadcast live on Fox.

"OK, folks," he said, "I have to apologize." He then announced that the rightful winner was Miss Philippines, stunning everyone.

You can see the faux pas here:

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