May is National Mental Health Awareness Month and many people have been suffering over the last year because of the pandemic say experts. Yakima Health District officials say your mental health is as important as your physical health. As a way to help the district is offering free access to a mental health program called my Strength. A press release from the district says the program provides tools to help with anxiety, stress, depression, sleep quality, and other areas of life that can be challenging.  The release says examples of activities include information on balancing emotions, pregnancy,  early parenting, managing chronic pain, recovering from substance abuse, weight management and more. The myStrength offers programs that helps set goals and tracks progress. It includes hundreds of inspirational messages. Individuals are encouraged to visit the Yakima Health District website for more information on setting up a myStrength account at with the access code "YakimaCounty."
Lilian Bravo, Yakima Health District’s Director of Public Health Partnerships and a spokesperson says “This year more than ever, we know each and every one of us has had times where we have struggled to get by. Whether it’s feeling hopeless, being irritable, or simply not having the energy to deal with even more bad news. We can all use some help. I encourage everyone to take Yakima Health District advantage of the tools and resources that are available through the myStrength app. If you need professional help, please reach out to one of the behavioral health providers in the area or call 2-1-1 for assistance in finding a provider.”

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