This article contains a trigger warning for cult survivors.


There aren’t that many songs with the word CULT in the title. I can think of a couple:

Cult of Personality by Living Colour (who are not an English band but spell the word color as if they were)

I’m a Cult Hero by The Cure (an English punk band that is one of the greatest groups of the 80s)

I consider myself a cult survivor. I am still recovering from that way of life.

Even though I am some 18 years removed from my cult experience, every now and then, some of my emotional scars rear their ugly head.

Despite my traumatic cult experiences that eventually stripped away my confidence and self-esteem, when it comes to talking about cults, I am still very sensitive to those who are avid believers. The last thing I would want to do is to judge someone for why they believe in what they do.

There are different classifications of cults, so what one person might consider a religion or spiritual organization, another might consider a full-blown cult experience. Cults involve following one or more “leaders” who claim to have exclusive access to their god or spiritual or physical entity.

One of the first cults in Oregon is the Brides of Christ. I’ve never heard of them before. When I think of cults, I think of ones like the Charles Manson group or the fiasco that was in Waco. Or ones that make their followers follow ridiculous, self-serving man-made rules yet call it "the truth", make worshippers separate from "wordly" non-believers, and ones who treat women as "less than" or inferior to men and subject worshipers to public humilation in within their church.

If you believe you are in a cult and would like to leave but don't know how, there are several mental health therapists and recovery groups that you can seek out for help and emotional support.

Several Oregon locals on Reddit recently discussed local cults in the area and some of the intriguing ones they mentioned are listed below.

11 Intriguing Local Cults You Might Run Into in Oregon

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