!4th District State Representative Chris Corry was back on KIT's Morning News again today for a legislative update.

Corry says Covid-19 continues to dominate most conversations and is referenced in most bills coming out of the Democratically controlled House of Representatives.

The Governor's death grip on emergency powers continues to be a frustration for most if not all of the State's Republicans and Corry says efforts are underway to pass legislation that would limit emergency powers to 50 days but that could be extended with legislative support. (Good Luck with that!)

House Bill 1199 is a long term project of Corry's that looks to move toward law with both House and Senate approving.  The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) controls a lot of state land and leases it to farmers and ranchers but the way the law currently stands is that if the State is offered a better deal, the DNR can, with some notice, end your lease to take the better deal.

Officially, Corry's bill would - Providing compensation to department of natural resources lessees whose leases are terminated for reasons other than default. 

Corry says the State has more money than every before for the next two years but in the eyes of Democrats its still not enough.  He sees a major portion of his job as an elected Republican is to help educate Western Washington lawmakers on the realities of the eastern part of the state they may not fully understand and ultimately to try to stop bad legislation. As he puts it, "57 is greater than 41" but he feels they still have had some success in stopping bad bills.

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