As they say in the movies....Lights...Camera...Lights....Action...and more lights and even more lights and...  I'm not trying to keep you in the dark by multiple references to lights. (see what we did there)  It's just a cheap writer's ploy to draw your attention to illuminating a situation unfolding at the SOZO sports park in Yakima!  Have you been there?  If not you should go and check out the public/private partnership that redefining Yakima's spot on the State Sports Map. Speaking of maps you'll find the complex at 2210 S 38th Ave.  And now it will be easier to find with all those lights!

Let There Be Lights

Today, Thursday, December 15, 2021, at 5:00pm, 14th District State Senator Curtis King will turn on the new field lights for SOZO Sports Complex of Central Washington.

The new stadium lighting will improve outdoor, night-time visibility with four new 50-foot, 14-bulb stadium light poles per field, resulting in four lighted turf fields. Improvements made to the turf fields create an increase in practices and games, especially during the winter months.  A SOZO news release credits the Senator’s efforts to facilitate $450,000 in State Commerce grant funding for the light project and nearly $1,000,000 overall for improvements to the SOZO complex.

SOZO Built To Be An Economic Driver

SOZO spokespeople say, "With lighted fields and improvements, it creates the ability to host a multitude of Pacific Northwest tournaments and events, generating substantial revenue increases to further fund SOZO’s youth programs....Not only does this increase community togetherness, it brings more fun and extended activities in all sports." 

SOZO Offers Premium Opportunities

The City Council of Yakima originally invested several million dollars is SOZO design to provide recreational and sports activities for local users as well as providing high quality facilities to draw in tournament and tourist dollars from across the Northwest.

Billed as "The Northwest’s Premier Indoor/Outdoor Sports Complex", SOZO feature 15 fields; 4 turf, plus a 13,500 sq ft indoor facility, encompassing all sports; soccer, football, lacrosse, golf, and more.

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