We all may be young at heart but it's a known fact that the majority of KIT's awesome listening audience is a few degrees north of "Spring Chicken".

So what, Viva la Grey Power-right??  However, as folks age out of the workforce they often consider maximizing their retirement nest egg by moving it to one on the nation's "Best Places To Retire" communities.

We hate to see anybody leave good "old" Yakima but with the KIT radio app, it's just like you are taking us with you, without the expense of having to feed us!  With the app it's all the benefits-none of the mess!

But if you do decide to move to maximize, the top spot according to Livability-dot-com is Naples, Florida.  The threat of hurricanes takes it out of contention on my personal list but Liability says coming in at a very respectable #7 on the Top Ten list is...Spokane, Washington.

Here is just a hint of how the "Lilac City" is described.

The best states for an early retirement
Photo by Chris Abney on Unsplash

"You don’t have to choose between urban amenities and breathtaking natural beauty with Spokane,....  remains relatively affordable, with residents paying an average of $1,200 per month in mortgage costs. You’ll also have your pick of a handful of quality hospitals and rehabilitation centers here...

Sounds nice, but if you are going to Spokane, why not just stay here...and listen live!

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