Folks here in Yakima as well as the rest of the United States love bacon. At breakfast, on burgers, or even bacon salt. Now, the makers of bacon salt are giving you a chance to spend your eternal rest wrapped in bacon!

The guys at J&D’s Foods — the makers of bacon salt, baconnaise and bacon Kevin Bacon — just introduced the ultimate bacon must-have.

A bacon coffin.

The coffin costs $3,000 according to the company's website.  Here's how they describe it:

This genuine bacon casket is made of 18 Gauge Gasketed Steel with Premium Bacon Exterior/Interior, and includes a Memorial and Record Tube, Adjustable Bed and Mattress and Stationary and Swingbar handles. It also includes a bacon air freshener for when you get that buried-underground, not-so-fresh feeling.

There are all sorts of unusual caskets out there – motorcycles, PBR cans, iPhones, tanks, Star Trek themes and more. We think that your final resting place deserves the eternal glory that is bacon.

No returns accepted.

Could this be an early April Fool's Day joke?   Or will we see the bacon casket at Yakima area funeral homes?

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