I got a speeding ticket the other day.  42 in a 30 (which I believed was 35) Numerous cars had passed me and nobody was put out or threatened as I sped to support a charity event.  I wasn't happy.

Later I heard that this particular YPD officer was an extreme hard *#% and would give his mother a ticket in a flash.  I figure that at a time when relationships are strained between police and citizens, that's probably not the kind of reputation you want to develop - but - I WAS driving 42...by design, thinking I was in the "grace zone" of 35 so I lack the moral authority to really complain.

But I can wish.  And I wish this local officer would take a page from the Billings, MT police dept.

With Thanksgiving a little less than two weeks away, officers with the Billings Police Department have started to pull over drivers for traffic violations and at the same time, checked for outstanding warrants.

According to Yahoo, If the driver had no warrants, they got issued a written warning and were given a frozen turkey.

Sounds reasonable and delicious!


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