It's a law set up to save lives, but not everyone is observing the Move Over law, say troopers from the Washington State Patrol. Sgt. James Prouty says when drivers in the far right lane come within 200 feet of an emergency vehicle on the shoulder the driver is required to move to the next lane as long as it's safe. He says if you can't change lanes slow down as much as possible.

"What we really would like to see is people slow down right off the bat and start to proceed with caution," Prouty says. "We want to give people space to work."
Prouty says the law applies to not only police and fire vehicles, but tow trucks and Department of Transportation trucks and work zones. Violators can face a $125 ticket.
A special statewide emphasis will be held Friday through Sunday looking for drivers who don't move to the next lane or slow down when they see emergency lights.
According to the State Patrol, in the past three years, 86 patrol cars were hit and 32 troopers injured while working along roadsides in Washington state.

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