If you had a crystal ball or tarot cards and could look into your future, would you?  If, like famed mindreader Kreskin, you could allegedly see the future, would you want to know all that comes next?

Jimmy Buffet sings “I love the now” which is all about living in the moment and it seems he hits all the right notes because a new survey reveals most people agree!

A poll conducted in Europe of more than 2,000 adults shows more than 90 percent said they wouldn't want to know about upcoming negative events.

Between 40 and 70 percent said they'd rather not know even about the positive events.

Those least-likely to want to know the future were most-likely to be risk averse and most likely to buy life insurance.

People were also more likely to want to remain ignorant of events happening in the near future.

So what drives the desire to remain in the dark? Researchers say people want to remain ignorant to avoid regret and to enjoy the suspense.(UPI)

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