What kind of emotional or intellectual deterrence works on you?  In other words, if you smoke, what would make you stop.  If you drink, what would reinforce that you not drink and drive?  A bar in Canada has a semi-gruesome reminder.

Toronto’s Emmet Ray Bar is driving home the message by serving drinks on metal coasters made from the wreckage of cars that were involved in drunk driving accidents.  Talk about getting a nudge.

The coasters read “This coaster used to be a car that never made it home.”  Now that’s a sobering thought.

The coasters were designed by Arrive Alive, an organization that works to raise awareness of the dangers of impaired driving.  Some of the coasters featured scratches, chipping paint or tiny dents appearing to be caused by car collisions.

All interesting, but do they work?  Global News reports customers like the coasters and showing them to the world on social media.  (Fox)


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