I saw this as a meme but here it is, in the news, in an article from the Daily Mail.

A good economy is usually good news all around, but it could also mean you're dealing with a bad flu season.

Sounds like a press release written by Nancy Pelosi. Dig deep enough and you'll find the darker cloud under the silver lining!

Accord to a report in the Daily Mail, researchers analyzed some data and found that for every one percent increase in employment rates in a country there is a 19 percent bump in flu-related doctors' visits. The downside of having more people in the office is that the flu can spread more easily.

Good economy - credit Trump.  Bad Flu - blame Trump!

People who work in retail and healthcare are most at risk because they are more likely to be in contact with lots of people.

Ball State University researchers say that monitoring economy growth could be a way of preparing for an upswing in flu cases.

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