It is interesting how certain words come into common usage and then fall out of favor and land in the dustbin of history.  Words like assunder, bethink & caducity aren't around anymore and I must admit that I don't miss them - do you?

There is another word that "may" be on the way out and I for one will be quite happy to see it go! The slang term "selfie" may be on its way out according to researchers from the Alan Institute in London.Checking data from the website, researchers found the rate of new definitions being posted for the word 'selfie' has declined by 66 percent over the past two years.

Likewise, the term "on fleek" has fewer writing new definitions for it lately as well, suggesting it may have had its time in the spotlight. "On Fleek" can be on borrowed time too as far as I'm concerned!   (for the record "on fleek" is a synonym for awesome, smooth, slick, sweet.)

The Urban Dictionary has gathered 2.7 million entries for 1.6 million terms since it was started 19 years ago. (Daily Mail)


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