We've all seen them.  Maybe you are one of them!  You know, the people who seem to be addicted to their smartphones!  And I don't use the word addicted loosely.  A new study shows brain alterations not unlike those caused by drugs show up in brain scans of smartphone addicts.

The Daily Mail reports German researchers looked at brain images and found those with smartphone addiction (SPA) have less grey matter volume in some key parts of the brain.
Didn't ex-mayor Michael - call me Mike - Bloomberg say that anybody could be a farmer but it takes more "grey matter" to be a tech worker? Tech workers lover their smartphones, and the overuse of which is in turn, reducing that extra grey matter they supposedly have!
Point being, the brain changes in phone addicts mirror the changes that take place in the brains of drug addicts. Study authors note, "Given their widespread use and increasing popularity, the present study questions the harmlessness of smartphones, at least in individuals that may be at increased risk for developing smartphone-related addictive behaviors."
Landline rotary dial anyone?

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