Sleep ...perchance to dream IF....IF your spouse doesn't snore, doesn't toss and turn, doesn't steal the covers, doesn't sweat too much, doesn't have ice-cold feet, doesn't sleep talk or sleepwalk.

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Just look at how modern couples are portrayed in television commercials. One spouse or the other is usually portrayed as a villain encroaching on the other spouse's good night's sleep.  We are led to believe the only solution is either the product being advertised in the commercial OR finding a separate sleeping arrangement...BUT...

Find A Way To Make It Work

A new study reported in the Daily Mail that finding ways to overcome distractions is truly the way to go and many benefits are derived from sleeping with your partner.

A new study shows that cuddling with your partner has sleep and mental health benefits.
Here's the deal...! 1,000 working-age men and women were asked detailed questions about their sleep, health, and life quality.  We are learning more and more all the time about how important a requisite number of hours of good quality sleep is to good health and a fully functioning, fantastic quality of life.  All those "who got up on the wrong side of the bed, today?"  type comments come from someplace that's real!  When you don't get enough sleep you are not at your best, and the rest of us know it!

Better Sleep. Less Depression

Back to the study where the results found that people who never slept with a partner were more likely to suffer from insomnia, and couples who slept together got better quality sleep, were less likely to be depressed, and felt more relationship satisfaction.
That is of course considering you have found a satisfactory way to overcome the cold feet etc.

Sorry Kids, You Can Make Matters Worse

But the study showed not all sleeping partners are equal.  Sleeping with your kids can lead to higher rates of insomnia, stress, and sleep apnea.

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