Think of the references society makes to dogs and men. When he misbehaves "He's in the doghouse" or when his character fails "He's a low down dirty dog." There are others.  The bad man/bad dog comparison is widely accepted.  Which is interesting because some new research shows women are better at reading dogs then are men!

A new experiment published in the journal Royal Society of Open Science, has researchers record the sound of nearly two dozen dogs growing in various scenarios like frightened, excited, etc. and had 40 participants attempt to identify the context of the growl.  Overall, the participants were pretty good at associating the growls with the correct emotion, but women consistently scored higher on the task.

So if guys are such "dogs" how come we don't connect better with the real dogs and why were women better at interpreting dog sounds? Study authors surmise that women have a "higher sensitivity to emotional stimuli" which seems to give women an advantage in the recognition of context. 

Woof.   (Pop Sugar)

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