Selfies are one of the most common pictures taken today in 2022, our great, great-grandchildren will look back on them and say "Look, there's grandma at the summit of Mt.Rainer." Or they'll say, "Look this is how uncle Joey lost his hand taking a selfie in the alligator pit."

Either way, these photos will live on well past our lifetime, so why not make them epic without risking your life? People have gotten seriously hurt or even paid the ultimate price trying to get a selfie, so here are five places you should never take a selfie in Washington.

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5.) Top of Water Towers

Yakima has quite a few Water towers including a few in Wapato as well, look we get wanting to get most of the Yakima Valley in the background of your picture, but if you end up falling off you'll spend more time taking selfies from a hospital bed than anywhere else.

4.) On Wild Waves Timberhawk

The Timberhawk is a fast and wild ride at Wild Waves and Enchanted Village, however, pulling out your phone in mid-ride to snap a selfie probably isn't the best idea. Matter of fact multiple people have gotten a black eye or broken nose trying to do so on this rollercoaster, it's easy to do when you're going over 40 mph and whip out a metal brick and hold it in front of your face.

3.) Hardrock Restaurant Skyview deck

The Hardrock Restaurant in Seattle has a beautiful Skyview deck where they host events and welcome the public up to the rooftop, sure it's totally fine to snap a selfie or two but trying to stand up on the ledge and snap the sickest selfie of all time could result in the last picture you've ever taken.

2.) The Edge of Cowichie Canyon

Cowichie Canyon is filled with beautiful scenery and views you'll never wanna forget, so snap some pics and a few selfies for sure, but try to stand up on a giant rock or even close to a cliff to show how high up you are could result in serious medical bills you'll never financially recover from.

1.) The Very Top of Mt. Rainer

Hitting the Summit of Mt.Rainer is a dream for many Washingtonians, to make it to the tippy top and celebrate with a selfie is a chance of a lifetime. We're not by any means saying don't take a selfie once you hit the top, but maybe make sure you're in a safe place while doing so, it may have been hard to get up there, but you'll find the way back down is a lot harsher after you've fallen down the side of the mountain.

Sometimes a selfie just isn't worth it when you can live in the moment and not risk your life for a picture. We're not by any means saying don't snap a cool pic, but while doing it make sure you and anyone else in the photo are somewhere safe and not risking life-threatening injuries for a silly picture.


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