Selah Parks and Recreation officials plan to meet later this month to talk about the future of the Selah Pool and Tuesday's failure of an M&O levy on the primary ballot that would have funded operation of a new aquatic center. Aimee Ozanich with the Selah Parks and Recreation Service Area says the city has money to operate the current pool next year but she tells KIT News "at the end of next season there's no money to operate the Selah pool. So we will need to put a levy back on the ballot next year sometime. I don't know whether it will be February or August or November that still hasn't been decided yet."
She says next year they'll either ask voters to support a levy for continued operations of the current pool or the aquatic center. Ozanich says the parks and recreation board will meet august 14 to begin to make decisions about 2018. On Tuesday the M&O levy that would have funded the one year operation of a new aquatic center failed to gain the super majority 60 percent needed for passage.

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