What do you do when your elected job is to enforce the law but a particular law is unpopular within your jurisdiction?  When that law -triggering emergency powers due to the Coronavrus pandemic- is being challenged in the courts over its constitutionality, do you enforce it as written or do you stand against what constituents see as an "unjust" law?

That's the situation facing Yakima County Prosecutor Joe Brusic and his by-the-book response isn't finding favor with everyone.

The City of Selah is challenging Governor Inslee's Proclamation No. 20-05 known as the  "Stay Home, Stay Healthy emergency order.  Selah's opinion is that the Governor doesn't have the legal authority to force Selah's municipal employees -such as police-to take action against anyone who may venture out or back to work..

Appearing on KIT's Mornng news, County Prosecutor Joe Brusic says the law is the law until it's legally changed and he's calling on Selah to follow the emergency directives.


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