Of this I have no doubt.  Sorry sister Sandy, but both brother Al and I are better behind the wheel.  Who says so?  Privilege Car Insurance, that's who.

Normally the oldest kid is the most responsible but the car insurance company looked at the driving habits of 13-hundred motorists to find the youngest children tend to be the safest drivers.  (maybe because they've been driving longer since mom and dad made us older kids wait longer to drive!! - Totally unfair by the way!!)

The study shows 89 percent of older siblings are likely to speed, 47 percent cut off other drivers, and 46 percent hog the middle of the road. Additionally, 17 percent of first-borns admitted to applying makeup while driving, and 30 percent said they use their phone at the wheel. Does that sound like anyone in your family?

Overall, "only children"   were the best drivers, and in families with more than one child, middle and youngest children were most likely to blame their bad driving on "other drivers" .   Older kids, you are busted.

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