Just in time for Saturday’s Fresh Ale Hopfest.  A little scientific motivation to attend! ( Like we needed a study to figure this out?)

The on-line paper The Sun reports that it's not just your imagination or the alcohol talking, science confirms drinking beer really does make you happier.

German researchers –and they know their beer-- looked at 13,000 different food components to determine which were the most effective at stimulating the reward center in the brain. I have to say that sounds impressive and a very scientific approach for an excuse to drink beer!

They found hordenine, something found in malted barley and beer, topped the list.  That’s not so say other components don’t offer similar sensations but this beer stuff was the best!

Scientists say there is a little bit of a downside in that very feel-good effect caused by drinking beer is also what makes it difficult for us to know when to stop drinking beer.

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