What a beautiful day for an adventure.  Saturday (June 29) was a day 40 Yakima area residents will never forget. They faced their fears, they remembered loved ones lost -- and in some cases they faced the specter of an enemy already defeated.

It was a four-story psychological mountain. Yakima's Liberty Building -- the scene for the Wellness House fundraiser called "over the edge," where individuals raised a minimum of $1,000 each to take the plunge over the edge and rappel down to the cheering families and friends waiting below

Wellness House Executive Director Margaret Filkins says she hopes the event will become an annual part of their fundraising efforts.

With bad knees and ankles ravaged by too many years of mediocre basketball play, I asked my wife Sara to rappel on my behalf. She agreed and she loved it.  Now she wants to take on the Larson Building downtown!

My dad had bladder cancer and I have it too. Mom passed away from lung cancer and my sister Sandy is dealing with skin cancer now. So our family has seen more cancer than we cared to see. But it's out there and destroying and disrupting lives every day, so anything any of us can do to help make life easier for victims is a big deal.

So THANKS to the Wellness House for all they do. Thanks to Sara the Brave for going over the edge, and thanks to Randy, Lindsey, Angelo, Manson, Nik, Winona, Teresa, Steve ,Karen, Ann and especially to Scott Wagner for all their thoughtful and generous donations.

It was a beautiful Saturday to do good ... and you did.  Awesome. Thanks!




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