I just got my flu shot at Walgreen’s on 40th & Summitview and I have to say that it was the best shot EVER. I simply didn’t feel a thing! Nothing, zip, zero, nada!  How can she do that? Not sure, but the lady (spaced on her name cuz I was so amazed at her technique) was from Tennessee by way of school in St. Louis and when it comes to shots she is the bomb-dot-com!

Good thing I got it too because most reports are about how rough this flu season is supposed to be!

Fox News is reporting that the flu season is off to a strong start with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reporting more than 7,000 cases of influenza already this year -- more than double the number this same time last year.

So far the flu has caused eight deaths nationwide. A study published in Eurosurveillance found the flu vaccine to be just 10 percent effective against this year's dominant flu strain-- H3N2 --which doesn't sound great, but experts say you're still better off getting the vaccine than not. (Fox)


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