There's more money being offered Today for information leading to the arrest of those responsible for the April 6 murder of a 25-year-old clerk at the AMPM on East Yakima Avenue. Yakima Police spokesman Mike Bastinelli tells KIT News. "British Petroleum, the parent company to AMPM is now offering $5,000." That reward coupled with $3,000 being offered by the store makes a $8,000 available for anyone with information would lead to an arrest.
plus there's also a $1,000 reward being offered by Yakima County Crime Stoppers. Bastinelli says they know someone in the community knows information that could help police they're just hoping the increase in the reward will push that person to come forward and talk to police.
Two suspects robbed the AMPM on April 6 and 25 year old clerk Vikrum Jaryal was shot as the suspects left the store. If you can help call Yakima police at 575-6200, 911 or Crime Stoppers at 248-9980.

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