A Go Fund Me campaign currently has $35,000 and growing for a Yakima family who is dealing with the loss of two family members who were shot by local gangs. Yakima Police say two people shot on June 10th in Yakima had nothing to do with gangs and were in the area where they were shot to look at a home.
Capt. Jay Seely says 30-year-old Oscar Lopez and his 26-year-old wife, Patricia Leija were looking for a home when they were confronted by gang members who eventually shot the two killing Oscar Lopez. His wife was also injured and is expected to recover at Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital. Oscar Lopez died in 1200 block of Cornell Avenue.
Along with the Go Fund Me account member of the community are creating a reward fund by collecting money at local soccer games. The family says Oscar and his wife were big supporters of local soccer.
Seely says the two were driving in the area when they were confronted by gang members who asked them if they belonged to a local gang. The couple sped out of the area with gang members chasing them in another vehicle. Police say the gang members fired shots that killed Lopez and injured his wife.
Authorities are still searching for the suspects. Officers are also hoping residents in the area will share any video they have from security cameras that could help in identifying those wanted by police call police if you can help at 575-6200.

The investigation continues. No arrests have yet been made.

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