13th District State Representative Alex Ybarra has his own approach to this legislative session. Rather than working from his home in Quincy, Ybarra decided to rent a place in Olympia so he could be on the ground for important meetings and stay connected to the legislative process.

Top of everyone's list from the eastside of the state is dealing with Covid-19.  He's working on vaccinations and vaccine distribution as well as working to get counties over here opened up for business.

He would like to see all school personnel from teacher's to cooks, janitors to bus drivers get shots while school is in session.

The Representative continues to be frustrated by what appears to be politics over science.  He admits there isn't much anyone can do but he encourages the residents of the state to continue to reach out to the Governor's office with phone calls, texts and email and let the Governor know how we think and what we want.

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