If you ever thought a bidet sounded nice when it comes to your bathroom amenities, wait til you get a load of this.

A viral post on Reddit has revealed some families have made an innovative upgrade to their toilets by installing a "poop knife."

While it's both impressive and practical, fair warning, it's also a bit gross when you think about it.

A "poop knife" is exactly what it sounds like — a blade inserted in the bottom drain of your commode to help "cut" through large chunks of fecal matter before an intact turd has the potential to clog your pipes.

After all, there's nothing more embarrassing than being at a friend or relative's home and unintentionally creating a plumbing disaster.


However, more people may have "poop knives" than we initially imagined.

One family shared that they have a "poop knife" installed at home, admitting to Reddit, "My family poops big."

"Maybe it's genetic, maybe it's our diet, but everyone births giant logs of crap," they wrote. "If anyone has laid a mega-poop, you know that sometimes it won't flush."

Another place you might be able to spot a "poop knife" is your doctor's office. Have you ever been to the bathroom at a hospital?

In the comments, many Redditors explained how "poop knives" are often installed in hospitals and doctor's offices to keep people from being able to flush wipes and wash clothes down the drain, ultimately clogging the facilities' waterworks.

"This is designed to keep wash clothes and wipes out of the pipes in a hospital. People flush crazy s--t down hospital toilets and cause total chaos leading to flooding in areas you definitely don't need flooding. The wipes get caught, and they have a tool to remove them," someone commented.

Others were amused by the photo and happy to share additional nicknames for the practical-yet-under-the-radar gadget.

"A fecal cleaver," someone commented.

"A dung divider," someone else wrote.

"Dookie destroyer," another said.

"Caca Cutter," someone chimed in.

"Poo parter," another said.

Whatever you might call these post-constipation-aiding gadgets, it seems everyone agrees that the poop knife "cuts up s--t (literally and figuratively) to keep things from clogging the drain."

If you struggle to go with the flow, it might be time to consider the "poop knife?" After all, it is a pretty solid idea, that doesn't stink.


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