Yakima, are you ready for a red carpet movie premiere at Yakima Cinema off N. 16th Ave in Yakima?

Do you have your best bling "look at me" sparkly outfit ...or your rattiest "I don't care" apparel, or your "how much skin can I get away with showing"  look ready to roll?
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Oh Behave

(sorry, no swag bags...and no slapping the host in the face)
This Friday evening, April 1, 2022, a film directed by Yakima Valley native J. Rick Castañeda, hits the silver screen.  Why here?  The movie titled "All Sorts" was filmed in Yakima by the Los Angeles production company Vibrant Penguin back in 2018. You will likely recognize a number of the locations as the shoot moved from an office building next to the Yakima Airport to scenes at the Yakima Convention Center, Franklin Park, Miner’s Drive-In Restaurant, even to our house, the Townsquare Media, and the offices of 94.5 KATS, as well as the hills above Union Gap.

I'm Ready For My Close-up Mr. Castañeda

The Director will be in attendance for the premiere, along with a number of cast and crew and a Question & Answer Session will follow the premiere screening.
The Yakima Herald-Republic (YHR) quotes Granger native Castañeda:

We’re really excited to bring this film back to Yakima....growing up here, I didn’t have a lot of opportunity to attend red carpet premieres with actors and filmmakers until I moved to Los Angeles, and it really is the most amazing thing. The lights, the pictures, hearing the filmmakers talk about what it was like to make the film … it’s all part of the Hollywood experience, and I’m excited to bring that back to where I grew up

Get Your Popcorn On

The movie itself will have a week-long engagement at Yakima Cinema after the premiere and Tickets are on sale now.  Check their website for showtimes and tickets.
Here's a trailer/explainer so you'll know what the flick is all about!

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