While area cherry growers are trying to deal with days of heavy rain so to are hay growers in the Yakima Valley. Gary Kirkof is Vice President of The Yakima Valley Hay and Forage Growers Chapter of the Washington Hay Association. “We have never seen this much rain in the spring.”

That is not good news to hay growers who want a dry product. Kirkof says instead of bailing a lot of the wet hay that is been recently cut it will be chopped up and turned into feed for area dairy cattle.

But Kirkof says other growers who sell hay to feed stores and the horse market have been hit even harder by rain even losing entire cuttings because the hay is to damp. As a result Kirkof says prices will remain high along with demand.

Because of the damage Kirkof says “we will continue to pay the high prices of 8 to 10 dollars a bail through the summer because of the rain this spring.”

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