I have a message for you from the radio industry.   "You're not wrong, and thanks for listening"

How Old Is Radio

Radio hosts have a special connection with their listeners.  You like them, you believe them, you trust them and you are not alone in doing so.

Radio has been around since November 2, 1920, when KDKA signed on in Pittsburgh, PA, to announce live returns of the Presidential election between Warren G. Harding and James Cox.  (spoiler alert - Harding won)  Since then, radio has been an important part of the soundtrack of our lives!

Newspapers are in decline, Broadcast TV is in decline, but at two years short of 100 years old, radio remains highly popular - with 92% of all Americans age 18 and over listening to radio each week!

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What Makes Radio Special

You no doubt have your favorite station and your favorite "DJ" or host.  Maybe they play your favorite music, maybe they're funny, or thoughtful or encouraging or maybe they are sarcastic and caustic...but whatever your style or preference, there is an on-air personality somewhere that's right for you and chances are you believe what they say.

Influencers and endorsers show up all over social media these days but a recent industry study shows that the authentic connection between radio listeners and hosts is real and the most impactful.

Our research confirms that radio and podcast hosts are perceived as some of the most trustworthy, essential, and relatable personalities in the media ecosystem. With the diversity and variety of radio and podcast content in the marketplace, there is an enormous strategic opportunity for brands to connect with highly engaged consumers

across this evolving influencer marketplace.


Highly Relatable, Trustworthy, and Authentic

In non-researcher-speak, that means consumers (YOU) perceive radio and podcast personalities as “highly relatable, trustworthy and authentic.”  Think about who your favorites are in your community and on your radio. The best would never let you down.

What's the point of this?  Simple.  It's a shout-out for radio and a reinforcement of your relationship with the folks on air. Radio is relevant to your life today, radio presents information you want & need, radio makes for good company and radio is a good investment for local businesses who hope to reach you.

 High Marks For Radio's Impact

Data released from the study:
– Radio hosts are seen as some of the most relatable and trusted influencers when compared to others such as TV and social media.
– 55 percent of participants said they listen to commercials more often on radio and in podcasts than through any other medium.
– 53 percent found radio and podcast advertisements to be more relevant than on any other medium.
– 51 percent said they are more trusting of radio and podcast advertisers than on any other medium.

Who You Gonna Believe

There's even a name for the radio host - radio listener relationship.  It's called the ‘trust halo’.

Marketers benefit from this trust halo, as this connection extends into advertising, product recommendations, and the radio and podcast communities at large. Listeners feel an unmatched sense of companionship and learn more about the world and about themselves.

I don't know if "halo" is the right word, (seems a bit haughty) but as a radio host, I know this.  The connection between our show and our audience is a wonderful thing and we wouldn't jeopardize it for anything. Thanks for listeneing. See you on the radio!

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