Yakima is “Pet Country.”  Some of our most popular online contests are about pet pictures. Some of the most creative fundraisers here are for pet rescue operations.   Yup, we love our animals and those we don’t are pet-rescued and loved by someone else.

But for those with multiple pets, do you love each pet equally?  If not do your pets get jealous?

For many, domesticated animals are like family members and now some new research is starting to suggest that jealousy is an emotion both people and some animals (particularly dogs and primates) share.

Speaking from personal experience, jealousy is indeed alive and well between Ettl family dogs Lucy and Dewey. How about yours?

LiveScience says jealousy is when someone or something threatens a special social relationship. Research from 2014 found dogs got more jealous when their owners interacted with fake dogs than with other non-dog objects.

A study from research from 2017 found some monkeys got more stressed out watching their mates interact with stranger males than they did watching stranger females interact with strangers males for the same amount of time demonstrating jealousy is more widespread than we may have first thought. (LiveScience)




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