Round and round and round she goes, how she does it without pedaling, nobody knows!

Maybe, just maybe something active, new and fun to do in Yakima!

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What's A Pump Track

It's called pump track riding, it looks like a lot of fun and it could be heading to Yakima. In simplest terms, Pump Track is basically riding your bicycle on a dirt or asphalt track  made up of hills, valleys, dips and curves in such a way that you move along -without pedaling- propelled by the motion of your body (the pump) and the up-and-down momentum generated by the physical make up of the course ( the track)

Don't Miss The Vid

There is a really good video at the end of this post that shows how the pump track concept works so be sure to check it out.

This Tuesday the Yakima City Council will try to come to an understanding with Single Track Alliance of Yakima for the development and construction of a bicycle pump track at Randall Park

Randal is the big city park located south of Nob Hill Blvd, and north of Washington Avenue, between South 44th and 48th Avenues.  More than a million dollars have been recently spent on the park upgrading parking, restrooms, playground and, the popular duck pond.

What Is STAY's Master Plan

Single Track Alliance of Yakima (STAY) plans to construct and develop a bicycle pump track at Randall Park.  STAY is committed to raising the funds needed for the design and construction.  A community outreach event was held at Randall Park in June of 2021 to obtain feedback and information from the community regarding a bicycle pump track.

The City of Yakima Parks and Recreation Department hopes to obtain funds to provide for park amenities such as a paved parking lot, grass, and benches to accommodate the users of the bicycle pump track. The City of Yakima Parks and Recreation Department would maintain and repair the track and surrounding amenities.  This agreement would allow STAY and the City to move forward with obtaining the necessary funds for the development of the track.

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