A guy can dream can’t he. The Power of the Powerball!!  An estimated 535 million is up for grabs on Saturday and you chance is just as good mine of winning it all!  But just HOW good is that chance.

The experts say “not very good”.   A Georgia Tec Math Professors says despite inconceivable odds, there are a couple of strategy moves that might –might- help! .

Many people play favorite birthday numbers, so choosing higher, less-popular numbers increases you chance of not having to share the pot if you win. decreases the chances of sharing the pot.  In addition, for some reason, people choose odd numbers more often so your best bad bet is choosing high, even numbers.

The number crunchers at the Motley Fool break down the odds this way:
--Dating a Supermodel: 1 in 7,000
--Getting struck by lightning: 1 in 700,000
--Dying in an airplane crash: 1 in 355,318
--Being dealt a royal flush in a given hand of poker: 1 in 655,750
--Dying from a flesh-eating bacteria: 1 in 1 million.
--Winning Powerball: 1 in 292.2 million

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