Democratic Lawmakers Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez And Sen. Ed Markey Unveil Their Green New Deal Resolution
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For me it starts with the SWAMP.  The historical nature of BS behavior by those hypocrites and phonies who have somehow managed to get elected to "represent us" in government! They who play a game with our lives and the country's future.

What do swamp creatures do?  They lie, they distort, they cheat, they vilify and then, they say " Hey, it's just a's only's the way way the game is played."   That's the swamp and I'm done with it.  When I hear "my esteemed colleague from across the aisle, my good friend from the other side" blah blah blah,  my skin crawls and I know the next words I hear will be disingenuous and self serving.  And I am done with it.

Be the bigger man the left will say (the same left that NEVER acknowledged Trump's legitimate 2016 victory) , lose gracefully they will sya, show some class, preserve our "image to the world", don't fight in front of the kids .. the world is watching...blah blah blah.  Check the history book...been there, done that...for decades... and the conservatives - the well behaved losers, its been keep the upper lip stiff and bow humbly off the stage.   I am done with it.

The Patriot Post has provide a lot of facts, data and wisdom over the past few years that I have been reading it and their writers really seem to capture the KIT point of view.

In a column today Thomas Gallatin writes about what is called Biden's Disingenuous 'Come Together' Victory Message

Here is a quick look at Gallatin's analysis of Biden's attempt to sweep reality under the rug.... “To those who voted for President Trump, I understand your disappointment tonight,” Biden stated. “I’ve lost a couple of elections myself. But now, let’s give each other a chance.” That’s rich, given the chance that he and his party steadfastly refused to give Trump over the past four years. He called for putting “away the harsh rhetoric,” but that’s coming from the one who labeled Trump a racist on national television and repeatedly lied about Trump’s Charlottesville comments, falsely accusing him of supporting neo-Nazis and white supremacists. Remember too that this follows a campaign where Biden personally blamed and vilified President Donald Trump for the deaths of more than 230,000 Americans through his supposed “failed” response to the coronavirus pandemic."

Biden says to stop treating opponents as enemies...OK, so .... what? We'll just quietly stand here, not seen as enemies, but as what Mr. Biden?  As chumps, deplorables, racists, despicable non-Americans?



Biden says the election was about saving the "soul of America."  So what's "the Soul" Biden is talking about?  Is it the moderate democrat point view?  Is it the woke/justice warrior/defund the police/denounce capitalism/dismantle the nuclear family point of view? I'm going to need a convincing explanation and demonstration before I ever let Dr. Biden operate on my share of the soul.

The Patriot Post is an excellent read everyday and we made need it now more than ever...Find this column HERE.

We'll be watching and we'll see if Biden's soul uplifting has anything to do with half the country that voted for Trump.   If Biden truly wants to heal and strengthen the nation, he’ll reject the divisive demands of the “woke” social justice activists, climate alarmists, and Marxist race hustlers. And he wouldn't borrow a move from the NFL and race up to the line to try to get a play off (forced concession) before the results of the previous play (the election) can be the end, if he won, he won, but it's not the end...there are irregularities and we need to check out all the angles on instant replay.

One last of 11 am on 11/9/2020 the national numbers show Biden with  75,603,400 total votes and Trump with 71,044,590 for a difference of 4,558,810 votes.

Is that enough for a mandate?  Slightly more than 3 one hundreths of one percent?  What if that mandate, er..uh...margin, basically all came from the same place, the same state?

Joe Biden won California. Duh.  He defeated President Donald Trump by 4,511,442 votes! Just 50-thousand less (at this time) than the total national margin of victory.

In other words, Biden has a mandate alright, but it is "solely" in California!   With all due respect to the Golden State, a joke I heard 40 years ago still seems to ring true -- How is California like a box of cereal?  Those that aren't flakes are nuts.

California's progressive left wing approach to life may be fine for those who choose to live there but it does NOT represent the soul of the nation.

Keep the faith.

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