Jennifer Rubin is a neocon blogger and opinion columnist who really hates Donald Trump and everyone and anything that got him elected. She recently appeared on MSNBC and said the only solution going forward to pull back America from where it is now and where it is headed is to "burn down" the Republican party.

We talked about it on the Morning News 8/27/19 but in case you missed that, here is her MSNBC "moment" and then FOX News has African-American Talk Show Host Larry Elder react to her derangement syndrome.

Wikipedia describes Rubin as "one of the most vocal conservative-leaning writers to frequently criticize Donald Trunp as well as the overall behavior of the Republican Party during Trump's term in office."

How far down the rabbit hole does Trump derangement syndrome take you?  Wikipedia says "in the Huffington Post, Dr. Munr Kazmir criticized Rubin for being "completely against policies she herself had championed for seemingly no other reason than Trump being in favor of them".....Mike Huckabee writes  "Jen Rubin is WAPO's excuse for conservative," and adding that Rubin's "contempt for all things Trump exposes her and WAPO as Fake News."


I'm not sure what Ms. Rubin means by "burn down so there are no survivors" but the next time you are accused about what might be seen as your use of the language of division - simply by being supportive of the President -  you just might want to trot this quote out for comparison.

What is wrong with these people?  They all need to spend 30 days at harvest on a farm in the Midwest to get their heads on straight!

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