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On the Morning News today (12/20) we had an interesting discussion on America's feelings about "political correctness" (PC) as measured by a Marist Institute for Public Opinion poll.  The poll showed 52 percent of 1,075 poll participants were opposed to the the idea of the U.S. becoming more PC.

Pollsters say the majority of Americans are upset that, "that there are too many things people cannot say anymore."


The obvious partisan divide played out as 76 percent of Republicans and 53 percent of independents NOT wanting an increased level of political correctness while 55 percent of Democrats favoring MORE .

An article in The Hill summarizes the poll results and notes that the poll did not give a specific definition for being politically correct.

So who is for more P.C. -  adults under 30, blacks and small city & suburban women.

And who's for less - nearly two third of white men surveyed, college educated or not.

President Trump has frequently touted his opposition to political correctness.  During a Republican primary debate in 2016 Trump said "I don't, frankly, have time for total political correctness, and to be honest with you, this country doesn't have time, either."


Political correctness to tone and civility and nearly three quarters of the poll  respondents say that has gotten worse in the Capitol  since Trump was elected.

35 percent blame Trump for that while 37 percent of respondents blamed the media,

What do you think?



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