No matter which beer you prefer, there’s a pretty good chance it’s flavored with Yakima Valley hops. But get this: Could there soon be an app that decides which beer is best for you based on a DNA analysis? High-tech cold brew appreciation!

ABC News reported recently on a Swiss scientist who says his goal is to create a beer genome tree that will help people better figure out what beer they'd most enjoy drinking.

The popularity of microbrews is the inspiration for the inventor, who says he came up with the idea after being given too many beer choices at Switzerland's microbreweries.

David Silverman/Getty Images
David Silverman/Getty Images

He plans to analyze the DNA of as many beers as possible -- and that'll be a tall drink of work. There are thousands of different yeasts from which brewers can choose and 200 or more hops. Grains are more limited, but if you just do the combinations, there are thousands of different beer possibilities. The idea is to get inside the biochemical composition of beers to be able to identify them.

If you like one beer, you could just see on the tree what is closer to what you already like, and you have increased confidence in choosing something similar.

The beer DNA project is already brewing on Kickstarter, and eventually researchers plan to put their findings into an app called BeerDeCoded, so that people can figure out the best beer to order anywhere with Internet access. (ABC News)