The bad guys will stop at nothing to separate you from your money. So if you are a small business person or know someone who is, here is the latest scheme from the those who would rather prey than earn.

The Washington Department of Revenue is warning of a new telephone scam.  When the phone rings, the scammers claim to be from Revenue Department and request you make an over-the-phone payment to renew an expired business licenses.

Some fall for it but the folk at Revenue won’t you to know they will never ask for or take payment for license renewals over the phone. The department mails businesses a notice about six weeks before their renewal is due and a delinquent notice a week after the license expires.

If you receive one of these fraudulent calls and want to check their license status should visit the My DOR website at and log in to review their account information.

If a business is unsure about correspondence with the Department of Revenue or has questions related to this scam, they are asked to call 1-800-451-7985.

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