The time is coming when you will not remember the last time you used your cell phone to make a call!  That’s a Dave  prediction based on current and future capabilities of your phone.

New data from media agency Zenith shows we now spend 30 minute per day watching videos on our phone screens.  That little screen.  Why do we do it? And how far have we come? Go back just 5 years to 2012 when people spent just four minutes per day watching the phone screen for video.

It's also 10 minutes more per day than we currently spend on personal computers or internet -enabled TVs. It would seem we want all the comforts of home available on the road wherever we roam!

The experts predicted that in two years from now the gap between fixed and mobile video viewing will be three times as large as it is today. Good to know before you invest in that next phone—make sure you can look at it as well as you can talk on it! (Quartz)

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