How has COVID impacted the "hands on" nature of Perry Tech training programs?  Perry Tech reps say the answer is "innovation."   Over the the past year, Perry Tech has developed an innovative solution for aspiring students to navigate the enrollment process beginning with all-new Virtual Enrollment events featuring representatives from Admissions, Enrollment and Financial Aid in place of the customary Open Houses that the school offered quarterly, pre-pandemic.

All that will give a pretty good overview of Perry Tech in general but for a focus on individual programs there are program specific video tours followed by phone calls with department heads to address questions.

President Biden's free school for everyone hasn't kicked in yet so if financial aid is a concern, prospective students are able to participate in Virtual Financial Aid events via Zoom where staff provide financial support overviews and address questions about securing funding.

A growing number of colleges and universities are requiring vaccination records for  students to return to class but Perry Tech is NOT one of them and will not require proof of vaccinations to enroll and there are limited openings for upcoming summer and fall starts.

Christine Coté, President of Perry Technical Institute says, "While the pandemic has certainly posed challenges for us, I am very proud of the way we have collaboratively responded in these unprecedented times.”

Potential students interested in pursuing a career in the trades are encouraged to  contact the Admissions department to schedule a video tour  at or 509-453-0374, or sign up for the next Virtual Enrollment Info Night scheduled for Wednesday, May 19th by visiting





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