The pounding hammers, the buzzing saws, the construction season returns to Yakima's Perry Technical Institute and that means another great opportunity for one lucky lottery winner to come.

A Perry Tech new release announces  "Perry Technical Institute (Perry Tech) has received approval from the Washington State Gambling Commission and will host a new ‘Win A Home’ raffle in 2021 sponsored by Harvest Auto where profits from ticket sales will benefit student scholarships."

The new home will showcase the work being done by students from the Construction, Electrical Technology, Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, and Plumbing Technician programs at Perry Tech,

If you want to follow the progress on the project it's located at 2101 S. 74th Ave. Yakima,  I toured their last "raffle house" and it was gorgeous.  It looked like it just rolled off the screen of some HGTV program.  This one is expected to be about a 2,522 square foot home estimated to be worth around $400,000 .

The raffle for this latest project is  scheduled for Saturday, January 8, 2022.  Each ticket is $100 with a total of 6,000 tickets available for sale.  School officials say  they must sell a minimum 4,000 tickets in order to raffle off the house,  If they  don't get to 4,000 tickets sold, the raffle will become a 50/50 drawing of ticket sales minus the cost of building the house, which brings us to what happened with the 2019 house.

Looking for a way to raise funds for student scholarships Perry Tech built a home and staged the first ‘Win a Home" raffle campaign.  With a big "thanks for nothing Covid" interruption, they didn't reach 4,000 tickets sold, so a 50/50 drawing took place on January 9, 2021 with the winner taking home more than $120,000.  Not a house but not a bad return on a 100 dollar ticket!

Christine Coté, President of Perry Technical Institute says, “As a non-profit school who relies on fundraising to support our students, we are so excited to have this opportunity once again to raise funds for scholarships while providing a hands-on learning experience for our students through the raffle campaign.”

Raffle tickets are now available to purchase for $100.00 each with sales locations posted at  For more information, contact the Perry Technical Foundation at 509.453.0374 or by email to

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