So you aren’t quite the chef you would like to be.  Gordon Ramsey would be yelling at you just for showing up in the kitchen! Is there a quick and easy way to fix the flavor of your food without attending Le Cordon Bleu?  Sacrebleu, there is!  Or perhaps more accurately I should say “väl av golly kanske finns!” (well by golly there is!)

That’s Swedish and so is the fix for your food.  Apparently the color of your napkin can influence the flavor of your food so napkin brand Tork partnered with a Swedish food stylish and chef to test it out.

Using colored napkins they paired various foods and colors together for taste tests and reached  these conclusions.

To make a strawberry shortcake taste sweeter serve it with a coral-colored napkin. Mustard yellow helps improve the flavor of green dishes, like salads, and it also pairs well with fish and sea food.  Want to give Mediterranean food a richer taste, go with grey.   I just wonder what goes with the two most common colors at my grill - smoke and ash??? (Daily Mail)

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