Yakima Police say even though it's the giving season there's a lot of people taking things this month. Burglaries, shoplifting, package theft and vehicle theft and prowls all increase during the holidays as people look for a way to make quick money. Capt. Jay Seely says every year package theft from area homes is one of the biggest problems because it happens so fast and many people aren't sure what to do if they see the crime.

If you are a victim of theft contact police

Seely says if you see something suspicious in your neighborhood call police. He says if you have a package stolen from your home file a report with the Yakima Police Department and if possible see if you or your neighbors have a security video of the theft to help police identify the suspect. Package theft is always a big problem because so many people shop online during the holidays. If that's what you do and you want to avoid a theft Seely says have your package sent to your work or a neighbor or friend who is always home and alert.

Warm up auto theft is a big problem in the winter in Yakima

Warm up auto theft is also a big problem during the winter months. Thieves look for people who warm up vehicles unlocked. Seely says if you must warm up your vehicle lock the doors with an extra set of keys or purchase a remote starter system.
He says always lock doors of homes and vehicles and if you are going shopping remember to never leave your package in plain view because Seely says thieves are always looking for crimes of opportunity.

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