I recently got an Alexa device at my house and its been fun to have music and information on instant demand.  However, my daughter has recently hijacked the device and every time I want to use it, it is preoccupied with playing Christmas music in her bedroom.  It could be worse.

Fox News reports that an  African Grey parrot from  the U.K. named Rocco, has taken the Alexa hijack concept to a new level.  The parrot can talk  and so it has.  Rocco used his owner's Amazon Alexa to order treats like strawberries, watermelon, raisins, broccoli and ice cream. The bird has also managed to order a kite, light bulbs, and even a kettle.

But it doesn't stop there-- the bird is even smart enough to tell Alexa to play his favorite songs so he can dance to them.

My advice - Don't bother putting him on the naughty list, he'll only talk himself off it and probably order a personal gift or two along the way! (Fox)



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