The shelves of 8 area food banks are full this morning thanks to your contributions. Operation Harvest was held on Saturday. A community wide gathering of cash and food donations. Organizers were hoping to raise 130 tons of food and 30 grand in cash in the drive. Final numbers are expected later today. Hundreds of people in Yakima donated their time and energy to make sure the less fortunate have food on the table. But, much of the food runs out by Thanksgiving so you are being urged to give when you can this upcoming holiday season.

"We know this is a tough time for a lot of people here with lack of jobs and the housing market being so poor and everything so if indeed we can fill those tummies of our people who need the food tonight and into the holiday season, we're happy to do that," said Patty Dion, Operation Harvest co-chair.

This was the 30th year of operation harvest.