People like the way the state runs its liquor stores but would appreciate changes - like being able to order their preferred bottle of booze online for later pick up at retail stores, according to a survey commissioned by Governor Chris Gregoire.

Gregoire told the state Liquor Control Board to gauge people's sentiment after voters in November rejected two initiatives that would've ended the state monopoly on liquor sales. One was sponsored by Costco, the other by beverage distributors. Since their defeat there's been speculation about whether voters said "no" because they don't like the idea of private sales, were confused by competing initiatives pushed by the private sector or were spooked by criticism of the measures that they went too far, too fast and would cost the state money during bad economic times.

In January, Gregoire said she'd be open to changing the way the state sells liquor - or even getting the state out of the business entirely. But first she wanted to hear what people had to say.

Click here to get the results of the survey.


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