We recently posted about new research that showed a veggie diet was better than a low-cal diet for losing weight.  Now feed it to your overweight child.

Kids can be cruel, and a new study reveals overweight kids are more likely to be ostracized than their regular-weight peers.

Researchers asked middle school kids to name classmates they felt were best friends and others who were disliked.

The results showed overweight children were less likely to be named as friends than their slimmer classmates in 70 percent of the classrooms.  And it’s more than that, the overweight kids were also 1.7 times more likely to be disliked by others, compared to kids who were not overweight.

And it’s even more than that as overweight students lists were more likely to include classmates who did not list the overweight children as friends.

Obesity now affects one in five school-age children in the U.S. so in addition to the health issues that come with being overweight, there is an important socialization component as well.  (Yahoo)


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