Last Monday three Nobel Laureates speaking at National Press Club in Washington D.C. called on Greenpeace, the United Nations and governments around the world to support GMOs. They are part of a group that includes 100 Nobel Laureates who signed a letter asking that campaigns against products like Golden Rice be abandoned. AgWired’s Kelly Marshall reported that the letter condemns practices that are thwarting life-saving progress available through biotechnology. And said that signers represent a variety of backgrounds; medicine, economics, physics, chemistry, literature, and peace.

Don’t trust the media (except for me) some outlets reported that Mexico banned all fresh potato exports when in reality they are still allowed into a predetermined zone. In a May 26 notice their Government reaffirmed the 2014 cancellation of US exports into all areas of Mexico but US potatoes are still allowed into a 26-kilometer zone near the U.S./Mexico border and the notice does not affect this zone. The value of the fresh potato exported to Mexico in 2015 was $37.9 million dollars.

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