I had a great visit with my grandkids this weekend.  We don't get to see them all that often so at ages 6 and 7 it takes most of the first day to warm up.  By the end of the weekend, I'm a giant T-Rex in hot pursuit of a couple of laughing and shrieking kids fleeing for their lives...or at least racing to around the next corner!  No question about it, I make a great T-Rex!

Gifts For Grandkids - Not So Fast

Grandson Jackson is all boy -sports, Star Wars, Legos, and superheroes.  Granddaughter Ella is all girl -princesses, ballerinas, and dolls.  So I thought, even with the demise of the local Toys R Us store, I probably would have this Christmas nailed.  But not so fast.

CNN is reporting the possibility of short supply and empty shelves because of labor shortages and interruptions to the global supply chain due to complications from the  Caronavirus pandemic with the admonition to shop early...really early.

Shorter Supply - Higher prices

Toy manufacturers aren't happy about it but are predicting "a major shortage of toy products this year,"

Maybe what you should give the kids for Christmas this year is a cargo ship container!  They make a great playhouse or fort and supply and demand  (and opportunism?)  has pushed the cost from a last-year's-rate of just over 3-grand to more than 20-thousand this year!" Merry Christmas!  Industry experts say prices for products will be up 5-10%.

Not Just Overseas

And IF the toys get made, and IF they can get in a container, and IF they get loaded n a ship, and If they make it to the dock the next big  "IF" is you can shop for them IF there is a truck driver working to bring the toys to a store near you!

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